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Swamp Cinema : The Full Experience
By Ech0 - and 2 collaborators
This guide will give you a detailed description of the server known as Swamp Cinema from Swamp Servers,
which is regularly one of the top five Garry's Mod servers.
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Overview of the server
Swamp Cinema is a casual, social gamemode where players hang out in a virtual movie theater and watch videos. On Swamp Cinema, there is a lot of fun stuff to do outside a theater. You can start a game of chess, checkers, golf, dodgeball, or even a Swamp Cinema version of Helltaker. You can also save up your points, pick up some weapons, and start a war!

Swamp Cinema's popularity comes from both its lightweight initial downloads,
and its addictive, constantly growing player base who keep coming back for more chaotic fun.

Swamp Cinema is a social gamemode that started back in January 2017, which since then kept growing in popularity to its current state.

The Rules
Although the server allows plenty of activities that may be considered chaotic on other servers,
Swamp Cinema still possesses specific rules to ensure the server keeps its integrity.

The Map

The current map is a highly customized cinema game mode map named cinema_swamp_v3 which consists of :

-14 private theaters
-9 public theaters

For a total of 23 theaters spread across the map.

The map also has open spaces in which players can set up their very own private theaters if they wish to.

There is a total of 14 golf holes on the map.

The entire map can be subject to
Random Death Match instances
except for 1 protected space; the Movie Theater.

There are no VIP spaces nor any donator-specific places on the map.
Every single player is absolutely free to go wherever they want.

Special Locations

The Underworld
Hang out with your pony friends in this human-free zone

(Warning: you cannot accept teleport requests
in this place unless you have your own separate theater there).

Trump Tower
Relax in the Trump Tower lobby thanks to the talented piano players.
Try out your chess and checkers skills against other players!
There is an elevator that will take you up the 4 other floors in which you can set up
your very own theaters or gamble your points at the arcade!

The Movie Theater
The Movie Theater is the main space for movie nights. This is a safe zone where
everyone can sit down and relax without having to worry about getting killed.

It is also the place where a lot of players choose to AFK, therefore, you will
rarely be able to vote-skip videos due to the sheer amount of players in this theater.

The Knife Pit
Try out your melee skills in this PvP-specific arena located right outside of the main lobby.

Warning, this is not for the faint of heart, as there are quite a lot of talented players
around the server that know many ways of killing, even with just a knife.

The Moon
The rocket in the center of the pit will take you up to the moon, which is a special place where players can relax in a confined and sealed theater.

The Mines
The mines are filled with diamond ore thirsty players swinging their pickaxes.

Here, you can mine for points, or gather some blocks and build whatever you desire.

You will find the portal to the underworld somewhere within the depths of the mines.

Dr. Kleiner's Laboratory
Hidden on the edge of the map is Kleiner's Lab.

Kleiner's Lab has a portal that can easily and quickly transport you to almost any location around the map.

This location can be accessed by going through a secret tunnel in the mines or by a tunnel in high voltage area at the power plant.
Swamp Cinema requires a few steps to be done first to ensure full functionality.

Initial Steps
You need to make sure that you are on the x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries beta for Garry's Mod and that the Garry's Mod: CEF Codec Fix is applied to your game.

The steps to take are listed by pressing F2 while on the server.

Queuing Videos

Once those 2 steps are done correctly, the server will offer you many possibilities
that you will not find elsewhere across Garry's Mod.

These options involve YouTube's entire spectrum of functionalities, including its HTML5 videos and YouTube live streams.

(Thanks to the codecs patch made by WinterPhoenix96, who is known to be the Lead Developer behind the YukiTheater)

If these are not enough, there are also possibilities of queuing videos from different hosting services such as:

-RTMP servers.
Setting up your own RTMP Server
RTMP Servers can bring you alot of flexibility, but at a certain cost.
You will first need to rent an Ubuntu 20+ machine hosted by a service like:
-Aruba Cloud

Which will both enable you to livestream and play large mp4 files as illustrated in the following graphs:

Make sure to follow the server's rules when queueing content.

If you have any doubts, please ask a staff member for clarification on the content before queuing the content.

if you need help setting up the RTMP server, just go in the request page in-game, click the HLS livestream section which redirects to Echo's guide.

Earning Points and Activities on the Server
Outside of its advanced media system, what makes Swamp Cinema so popular and addicting is the side activities players can participate in when they no longer feel like watching videos. Points enable many forms of entertainment. Listed below are various ways to earn, spend, or gamble points on the server.

The Pointshop
The pointshop can be opened by typing !shop or by pressing C. Points are earned every minute just by playing on the server. One of the more popular methods of earning points is to stay connected to the server, even while not actively playing. You can see how many points you earn every minute in the bottom left corner of the pointshop. This is where you will be able to buy various items such as:
  • Toys
  • Weapons
  • Construction items
  • Playermodels
  • Swag items

Golfing is a very simple way to initially earn points when you start on the server.

Golf has easy mode and hard mode. Hard mode will reward you with more points, but it will be more of a challenge. If you can complete the holes in 2 strokes or fewer, you will have plenty of points to start with.

Minecraft (basically)

In Minecraft, you can build structures or mine for points.

Iron, Gold and Diamond ores will spawn around the mines, and will reward you with points when you mine them with a pickaxe. You will earn 200 Points for mining Iron, 1000 points for mining Gold, and 5000 points for mining Diamond.

Gambling : Rolling
Gambling is also a part of the server in a multitude of ways.
The most simple form of gambling available is the rolling system.

To win a roll, you must get dubs. This means having the last two digits of the randomized number be exactly the same. If you win, your reward is your bet multiplied by 10.

Otherwise, your points are lost. It is also possible to get trips, quads, quints or even sexts, by matching more than just the last 2 digits. These won't give you an extra reward, but it does look cool.

Gambling : Lottery
Another form of gambling present on the server is the lottery system.
Every player places a certain amount of points in one big pot, which
determines their overall luck in winning the lottery.

Gambling : The Slots Machines
The slot machines are another form of gambling available.

The slot machines start at a mere 1,000 points, all the way to 1,000,000 points per spin!
Gambling : Coin Flip
The last form of gambling available on the server is a coin flip.

To challenge another player to a coin flip, type /coin (player name) (amount)


One way to earn points that challenges your skill can be collecting bounties

By killing someone with a bounty, you earn those points. To view the list of bounties on people and their location, type !bounties. If you want to see the bounty of a specific person, type !showbounty <player>

You can also set a bounty for someone, or everyone! Do !bounty <player> <amount of points> or !bountyall <amount of points per person> if you wanna give everyone a bounty.

'KEK' Temple
The KEK Temple is an underground place you will discover while exploring the labyrinth. If you don't know where the labyrinth is, you can find the entrance in the Sewer Tunnels, Minecraft, the Trumppenbunker, or Kleiner's Teleportation Portal.

An Idol will spawn once every hour, and upon collecting it, you'll have 100 seconds to traverse through the labyrinth back onto the surface. The maze doesn't change, so the easy way to do this is to preemptively map out the maze to find the fastest route.

You will receive 100,000 points upon successful completion. However, if time runs out, the idol will crumble to dust!

Extra: Killing someone with Admin Abuse

The Admin Abuse is an item that players can use to grab other people and move them around. Upon killing them, you get 10k points.

Next time you see someone with admin abuse, shank them!

Extra: Mystery Button
Mysterious buttons appear around the map. Pressing them may reward you with points or other items. However, be aware that pressing these buttons may result in consequences!

Swamp Cinema's community is unlike any other.

The server is known to possess a majority of American players, however,
You will also encounter a considerable amount of European, and Australian players.
Bronies, Furries, Gays, Straights, Trans, Weebs, Boomers, Trolls, you name it.
The variety of people you can encounter on Swamp Cinema is astonishing.

Our staff members are here to keep the server's integrity in place. If you have any questions, you can ask them privately on Steam.

Swamp Cinema also possesses developer-friendly spaces such as the GitHub repository,
where any talented developer can pick up an idea from the community to realize it.
If you wish to become a developer, please contact Swamp either through Steam or Discord.

This can involve gameplay implementations, playermodels, weapons, map changes, various fixes
which can be discussed on both the GitHub page or on the Discord server.

Sidenote: there is currently a very big shortage of talented developers on gmod, we're aware of that, and if there are any good contributions to be added by any talented developer (Lua, PHP, modeling, mapping, texturing, etc) we will definitely give money for it.
The History of the Server
Swamp Cinema was created by Swamp on January 1, 2017 as the new home for players of Cereal Box Cinema, a server dating back to 2013 which was shutting down.

Cereal Box Cinema had a tradition of "war" events which was continued by Swamp Cinema. In total, there have been 9 wars to date.

The First war was known as the Pony War.
The war started on April 3rd, 2016 on cerealbox_neweeb16 and ended on April 11th, 2016 with the Ponies victory

Rewarded with the pony playermodel.

The Second war was known as
the Cereal Box Olympics.
The war started on August 13th, 2016
on cinema_cereal01

The war ended on August 17th, 2016 with the Germans victory,

Rewarded with the Führerbunker

The Third war was known as the Alien Invasion.
The war started on March 4th, 2017
on cinema_swamp_v1

The war ended on March 6th, 2017 with the Earthlings victory,
Rewarded with the Moonman playermodel.

The Fourth war was known as
the Kleiners vs Fascists war.

The war started on June 16th, 2017
on cinema_swamp_v1

The war ended on June 19th, 2017
with the Fascists' victory,

Rewarded with the Kleiner Kamp.

The Fifth war was known as
the Atheists vs Crusaders war.
The war started on October 7th, 2017, on cinema_swamp_v2 and ended on October 9th 2017 with the Atheists's victory.

Rewarded with the Bodypillow.

The Sixth war was the Police vs Hobos war.
The war started on June 28th, 2018
on cinema_swamp_v2,

The war ended on July 2nd, 2018 with the Police's victory.

Rewarded with the Inflators and offsetters.

The Seventh war was the Chads vs Manlets war.
The war started on July 24th, 2019
on cinema_swamp_v2,

As the manlets were getting crushed by the chads, the manlets became gamers in an attempt to strike back at the chads on July 27th,

The war ended on July 28th 2019 with the Gamers victory.
Rewarded with the N-word pass and the permanent Joker playermodel.

The Eighth war was the Mad Scientists vs the US Army war.
The war started on July 24th, 2020
on cinema_swamp_v2

The war ended on July 26th 2020 with the US Army victory.
However, the mad scientists came back for revenge yet again on August 1st.

In the end the US army was victorious for the second time. The Mad Scientists came back on
August 7th for the final assault which culminated on August 9th when Gordon Freeman came to nuke the map. In the end the Mad Scientists won. Rewarded with cinema_swamp_v3.

The Ninth war was the Crusaders vs Coomers war.
The war started on May 6th, 2021 on cinema_swamp_v3.

The war ended on May 10th 2021 with the Crusader victory.

As a result, all pornographic/NSFW content has been prohibited above ground.

However, on 6/21/2021, this rule was reverted after a community wide vote. Instead, images no embed in the chat box, players have to mark whether or not their spray is pornographic, and pornography is not allowed on playermodels.

The Tenth War was the Jihadis vs the US Army (Global American Empire).

The war started on July 2nd, 2021 on cinema_swamp_v3 after intelligence operatives decoded a transmission.

The war ended on July 4th, 2021 with a Jihadi victory.

As a result, Swamp Cinema will now be ruled under Sharia law for a thousand years, and the top 50 players on each team were awarded with weapon blueprints.

Additional Gameplay Features
Once you are on the server, you are presented with quite a lot of possibilities in terms of commands. Here is a FAQ which contains a list of all the commands available on the server.
We will discuss a few functionalities below.

Chatting with friends
Swamp's chat system is quite an elaborate one.
It allows players to use emotes, colored text, as well as custom images.
You can chat either through global chat (team chat, pressing U) or local chats (pressing Y).
Local chats are theater specific. If you are not in a theater, it will send your message to everyone that also isn't in a theater.

You can colorize your messages for unique messages.

Static Colors: [red] [orange] [blue] [green] [yellow] [purple] [fbc]
Dynamic Colors : [edgy] [usa] [gold] [rainbow] [rainbow2]

Submitted emotes are more likely to be accepted if they can be used often and are less than 200x200. Please follow the guidelines on the emotes page on the website.

:smug:-------------------example of an emote
:m,smug:----------------horizontally flipped emote
:f,smug:------------------vertically flipped emote
:s(2 3),smug:-----------resized emote (the 2 is the horizontal axis, the 3 is the vertical axis)
:o(2 3),smug:-----------moved emote (same as above)
:r(90),smug:-------------rotated emote

Sound Emotes:

Typing certain words or phrases into chat will play a sound.

A list can be found by clicking the emoji at the bottom right corner of your chat frame and clicking on "Sounds"

You can also chain certain sounds together by typing {sound emote:sound emote}

If the emotes are not enough, you can post your own images in the chat like so :
say [url:<link>]

Please follow the rules listed on the website when it comes to posting images in chat.

Sprays :
The server uses a custom, optimized version of Spraymesh
spraymesh_help in console for more details on the subject.
spraymesh_url <link> is a simple way of changing your spray.
spraymesh_manager to avoid using the above command every time you want to change your spray.

You must use Imgur for sprays.

Please follow the rules listed on the website when it comes to posting sprays.

virtual cable (allows you to use either foobar or audiorerouter to micspam)
foobar 2000
audio router (on github)

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