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Swamp Cinema Livestream Setup

Part 1: Getting the Server

First you need the server itself: go create an account on DigitalOcean

Then you create a droplet which is:

-distribution: Ubuntu 18
-plan : standard
-price : whatever, to test you can do the $5/month
-location: america (cause most of the players are in the US)
-auth: one time password
(if you're ok with public ssh keys then go for it)
-1 droplet
-whatever hostname
-choose password : SwampCinema123S for example

Use whatever terminal you like, could be putty

ssh into your server at the ip you recieved in mail, login as root with the password,

When that's done, get to part 2:

Part 2: Running the Script

as soon as you're logged in via ssh as the root user, you just need to run the script like so :

 wget ; chmod +x ; ./

At first it will update the machine, just hit enter at whatever it asks you it doesn't really matter

Let it run it should take like 5-10 mins max

Once it has ended successfully it must look like that :

You can reboot the machine and ssh into the machine again if you want the machine to update properly (sudo reboot now)

Part 3: setting up OBS

once you're in OBS : create a screen capture source and go into settings:

go into "Stream" and in there you choose "service: custom" in order to paste your custom server settings:

Make sure those settings are right , otherwise it will not work, from this screenshot ONLY the ip should change, the key is whatever you choose

Service: Custom...
Server: rtmp://YOURIPHERE:1935/show

Once that's done, hit streaming with obs and this shows that it is working:

If it doesn't work so far, it means that you did a mistake so read each step carefully once again, redo them correctly before asking questions

Once you're streaming correctly with OBS, move over to the last part:

Part 4: Queuing in a swamp cinema theater

Your stream link follows this syntax:


You go in swamp cinema, in any theater, paste this link in the chat itself, and let it queue:

And that should be it ! if you have any problems feel free to ask me on steam here.

Special thanks to skid9000 from the staff for helping me optimise the script (26/05/2020)

If you wish to download mp4 files onto the server you can use the rtorrent utility that i included in the installer, you can use it to download mp4, or webm files into /home/swamp/ which you will be able to check from port 80